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Corsa D sump seal

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D sump seal

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    Unfortunately, from what I can see, the lifetime warranty is little more than a marketing gimmick. There are that many exclusions to it that very little is covered.
    Ask the dealer (or look online) for a copy of the terms and conditions of the warranty.


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          This is a joke. What did they do for the 'crankshaft seal'? If it's the oil seal in the timing cover then they would have disturbed the sump seal doing it. So it's poor workmanship by the dealer.

          But the sump isn't liable to user damage unless they can show impact damage so I'd get another opinion on what they are claiming.

          Bear in mind that Vauxhall lost a fortune on lifetime warranties and have now stopped them due to the cost, so they will try to wriggle out of any claim where possible.
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              If there are no drips then it isn't that bad - it may even be old oil from the previous issue. I'd get underneath, wipe it all clean and then keep an eye on it.

              A lot of MOT places will issue advisories for the slightest item, sometimes to make work, sometimes to cover themselves if a problem later develops and the customer complains they didn't spot it. If you look under most cars that are driving round perfectly well you could usually generate a list of faults as long as your arm.
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                    Have you actually noticed any extra oil consumption?

                    Sorry, just re-read!

                    If you haven't noticed anything, and the oil isn't showing much difference on the dip stick, then I wouldn't worry about it.
                    Big chain garage...expect them to "find" some issues.

                    Just stop using them.
                    Most warranties (if thats what you're going to them for services) aren't affected by getting the job done at a different garage
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                      Why are you going back to the same place still?

                      If you're not losing oil, then you don't have an oil leak.

                      Keep an eye on it, and go elsewhere.


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                        If you are dealing with Pentagon, you are not that far from Ilkeston, I would suggest that you give Vauxhall Repair Centre at Greens Court on the Manners Industrial Estate a ring - I know a few people who use them, and all speak highly of them.



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                          Thanks for the replies. Yeah think I'm gonna go to a different garage when I get my brakes changed and see what they say.

                          Only go there cos I took a service plan out wish I didn't now. Hopefully gonna be the last year I have the car then can get rid of it but I'm gonna keep an eye on it and see what happens with the oil.

                          I'm in Oldham so quite far but thanks for the recommendation. Gonna try a few garages ive used before around near me.and see what they say

                          Vehicle Health Check from Pentagon Vauxhall Oldham Workshop

                          There's a link to the vehicle health check that they did on the car when it was in with a list of the problems. Think it only works on phones though.


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                            pretty much nothing to worry about and that garage is a rip off how can you not inspect rear brakes as part of the service


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                              also it's more than likely oil pressure switch