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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Brake fault

    Hi,My 2001 Corsa 1.2 16v has brake trouble.After a few miles the car starts to feel like the brakes are binding and the brake pedal goes hard and has very little movement and the front wheels get very hot.Once everything has cooled down the brakes feel normal again but then after a few miles the problem is back.
    I have pushed the piston back of the N/S/F caliper,it moved back freely.The O/S/F caliper piston was much harder to move.Infact Ihad to undo the bleed nipple.
    I then bleed the N/S/F caliper ,the pedal felt normal and the piston came back out till it touched the pads.
    The O/S/F piston only came out a little and there felt like no resistance when pumping the pedal.Now the piston just moves a fraction out and as the pedal is released the piston moves back a fraction,It will not come out and touch the pads.Any ideas please.Thanks.
    Oh yes is mine a Corsa B ?

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    Really need more information to be sure about a diagnosis - but if the O/S/F caliper was hard to move but then moved more easily when you opened the bleed nipple then I'd suspect the flexible hose has failed internally on that side. If the caliper is stiff to move even when the bleed nipple is opened then it's more likely to be the caliper itself.

    Hoses can break up internally whilst looking fine externally. The failure causes the hose to act like a valve which restricts the flow of hydraulic fluid - it's a fairly common cause for one caliper to seize up and cause the brakes to bind on that side.

    The later part of the post is a bit contradictory - ie no resistance at the pedal but the N/S/F sounds like it is working properly. So it doesn't sound like a master cylinder failure.
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      Brakes can get very hot even when working normally. Were both equally hot? Any signs of uneven is the car pulling to one side when braking. Does it appear from wear and any rust on the discs that both pads have been making full and equal contact on both sides of the disc on both sides of the car? Can you be sure it was the piston not moving in its bore rather than the caliper not sliding freely on its pins etc. It could well be a collapsed hose,but its possible things will improve if you give the calipers a thorough clean and inspection making sure shiny slidey bits are free of corrosion and crud and can move smoothly.If they are not too bad you can gently clean them up a bit,but be careful not to damage rubber parts. Do this anyway,even if replacing hoses. . When cleaning or replacing hoses its best to do both sides.


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        Thanks for the replys.The calipers are moving freely on the pins.The O/S/F pads are slightly more worn than the N/S/F.What I was trying to explain in my first post with regards to bleeding was that when bleeding the N/S even with the nipple open you can fill a slight resistance as the fluid is pushed through the system.However there is no such feeling when bleeding the O/S and no fluid is expelled from the system.Lastly the car brakes in a straight line,no pull.I hope this helps.


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          I am not an expert, others may be able to advise better and further. Personally I would replace the brake hoses on both sides of the car. If one has gone the other may not be far behind. At the same time take the opportunity to check the condition of the pistons and their bores. Pop them out if necessary.If they are gummed up with crud you may be able to clean them with a solvent,but dont take any risks if they are pitted or you are unsure.Dont use any scrapers or abrasives that might scratch or damage their polished finish. And give everything a good check and clean. If that doesnt sort it you can at least look on it as a job thats worth doing anyway on a 15 year old car. You could even use it as an opportunity for upgrading. Braided hoses or more.
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            Still not really sure of what you are saying.
            Do the REAR brakes also get hot? - If they do, it is possible that you do have a master cylinder problem.



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              Just to update my braking problem.I have now fitted two new front brake hoses.I did have trouble bleeding the brakes but have ended up with a brake pedal that feels much more normal.All seems to be working as it should when road tested,brakes are not getting overly hot,no binding and pedal does not go hard.So it looks like its fixed.Thanks for all of your suggestions .Oh yes I also fitted new brake pads.


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