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Windshield wiper arm,-left or right-driver or passenger side?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Windshield wiper arm,-left or right-driver or passenger side?

    I have a broken wiperarm, passenger side. Problem is, car part webshops designates the arms with "left" and "right".
    Left and right what? -Viewed from inside the car or standing in front of the car?

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    I'd guess left is passenger side, right is driver's side. That's usually the way things are described for UK spec cars.
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      Car parts are sold based on the view when you are sitting in the car. Left is left,right is right,regardless of whether the car is right hand drive or left hand drive. If you are looking from the front you have to mentally reverse it. If an on line ad refers to drivers and passenger side you have to be absolutely sure you are buying from a supplier in your own country. Other problems can arise when buying internationally. A left hand arm for a left hand drive car may not fit on the left side of a right hand drive car due to a different wiped pattern. same is sometimes true of wiper blades. And headlights differ,but this depends on which side of the road the car will be used. (for instance a left hand drive car registered and used in the uk should be fitted with uk specification headlamps,the same as would be fitted to a RHD car.)

      Sorry if this seems too much info but its based on an actual experience. I have a left hand drive Corsa D which is kept in Bulgaria. I wanted new OE wiper blades and while in the uk looked on e bay UK. The cheapest price was , ironically, a supplier in Bulgaria. In very small print it said they were for a left hand drive cars only. Something to do with the aerofoil profile I think. I was was probably the only person in the uk needing left hand drive corsa d blades. Anyone else would be buying the wrong item. And I didnt buy! (I dont buy from sellers who attempt to hide critical details).Fortunately it did save me making the mistake of buying uk blades to take out.
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        I dusted off my somewhat rusty german language skills and asked the (german) webshop (the car is located in Norway, so the same system applies as in germany).
        Sitting inside the car, looking in the direction of travel, left is driver's side and right is passenger's side. In the UK it's the other way around. This is why they use "left-right" and not "driver-passenger". Problem solved.