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Erratic Idling (Part 2)

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Erratic Idling (Part 2)

    Hello Again Everyone!

    I've recently been having problems with my X Reg (2000) Corsa B 1.0, which are detailed in Welcome to Forum - Forums . Having replaced the idle control valve I initially thought the problems had gone away, but they seem to have returned - and with a vengeance!

    The problems which I am now experiencing are:
    • Poor idling - the engine often revs itself to over 2k revs and frequently below 500, although the engine has yet to stall from revving too low at idle.
    • Engine revs climbing between gear changes - As you push the clutch down to change up/down a gear the revs often increase from where they are for a couple of seconds, then drop down as normal.
    • Poor starting - the car often struggles to start, and requires a push on the accelerator pedal 80% of the time to get it going (which has never been a problem in the past).
    • Poor deceleration - I imagine this is tied into the first two points - when you take your foot off of the accelerator pedal whilst in gear, the car doesn't slow down as you expect and keeps going on it's own accord with very little deceleration.

    It was suggested that a dirty throttle body may be the cause of these problems (thanks Taurus), but when suggesting this to my mechanic he seemed to think that it was extremely unlikely that this was the cause.

    As far as I am concerned, the engine is in great condition mechanically, having only done around 55,000 miles, and is maintained to a fairly high standard (oil changes every year ~6,000 miles, oil filter replacement etc)

    Any input or help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks,


    EDIT: I was wondering if an ECU reset may help at all? As of recent I haven't had enough time to leave the battery unplugged long enough to let the ECU reset and find idle again, but I have an opportunity tomorrow to do so - might this be worth doing?
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    Mine did this on my old 1.0 b

    Used to rev on it's own loads etc, like the symptoms you're having.
    I went through 3 IACVs first.

    Took it to a garage, turned out someone had adjusted the throttle positioning
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      Just worth pointing out that to clear the fault codes you need a diagnostic kit rather than disconnecting the battery - that only works on the older 8v engines.

      Despite what your mechanic says I'd still make sure the TB is clean. They get a lot of crankcase fumes through them which can contain oil and you get deposits building up. If the TB sticks then the air entering the engine isn't controlled by the ICV or the throttle pedal. The ECU will still monitor the air intake and so will fuel accordingly. It may not be the cause of the problem but it's worth checking to be sure. Ensure all the linkages are running freely as well and check for any form of air leak in the vacuum system.
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        Ah - I didn't realise that. There weren't actually any codes but I was wondering if the ECU reset, making it find idle again, might help - obviously not!

        Having checked and cleaned the TB, it turns out the second ICV was faulty also. After replacing it with a Bosch part from another supplier all is good and the car is running perfectly again.

        Thanks everyone for the help.