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No throttle response/cutting out

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] No throttle response/cutting out

    Hi Guys, I'm currently having some problems with my Corsa 1.7 cdti and I'm hoping one of you may have seen similar issues or have some advice.

    I bought the car fairly recently and was having some trouble with it running poorly and idling rough so I tried the following:

    1. Change engine oil/filter
    2. Change Fuel filter
    3. Remove and clean EGR valve
    4. Flushed the fuel system. Can't remember the name of the product but it was done using a machine which plugs into the fuel feed and return pipes from the fuel filter, with help from a mechanic.
    5. Plugged it into a diagnostic which didn't show any error codes which I would think to be related.

    This seems to have helped and the car runs much better but I'm now having another, even more painful issue whereby I'm intermittently getting no throttle response. So I'll be driving the car and will suddenly get no response when I put my foot down, seems to happen most often when the engine is at low revs or idling on approach to a junction for example or under engine breaking. The car continues to run for a moment then cuts out. Turning it off and on again seems to fix it for a few minutes then it happens again. No engine warning lights or anything of the sort.

    I've tried the pedal test to see if I get any error codes and I get 6311, which doesn't match any error codes I can find online :-s

    Google has some suggestions for poor running problems but none of the suggested symptoms seem to match what I'm seeing other than maybe fuel pump suction control valve.

    Has anyone seen anything similar to this in the cdti's before? I'ts a great car when it's working right so I'm desperate to get it sorted!

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    Sounds like a problem with the throttle actuator - they're electronic so the problem could be either at the throttle pedal (which is most usual fault on the petrol versions), the throttle actuator itself or the wiring between them. The fact that it resets when turned off and on again suggests it's an electronic gremlin.

    Check that the EML lights when the ignition is switched on to make sure it's working. If the EML doesn't light then the ECU isn't flagging a fault code, from memory problems with the actuators often doesn't.
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      Thanks for the info. The throttle actuator is something I'll take a look at, I can take it off and make sure it's clean/free but I'm not sure how I'll determine whether it's faulty other then to replace it. Would this cause the car to cut out though as I'm seeing? perhaps if more fuel is being pushed in but it's not getting enough air?

      As for the EML, I'm pretty sure it come on with the ignition then goes out but I'll check this later.