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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Hydraulic lifters

    Hi guys looking for some help with my 2005 .1.4 corsa c camber model.
    I reconed the head new valves rockers and lifters .but car making a big tapping noise .I did not check the lifter b4 hand .I have now removed the head and lifters again after doing abt 1000ks. I removed the oil from the lifters in a bench vice they are moving free .I now have them in oil .sny advice would b gr8 thanx

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    I'd make sure they're in the order they came out. I know they're new but if they've been in the engine keep them in the same order.

    Check the cam for any marks. If the initial installation was noisy check nothing's been causing any damage. Check the valves, springs, collets and rockers. Make sure everything is as it should be. Make sure the valves are running free in the guides.

    Remove them from the oil and place them in a clean sealed container. Let them drain. You can install them empty because the spring will extend them, they'll rattle until they fill with oil but that ought to take a couple of seconds if all is well.

    Check the pots for cleanliness and any signs of anything amiss.

    Wipe a thin film of oil into each pot before refitting. When you refit the camshafts do it evenly and gradually. That's really important. Some of the valves will be under tension so the pressure on the cam won't be equal so take care to torque it down straight and level.

    Leave the cam cover off as long as you can. Then refill the engine with oil by pouring it over the valve gear. Then refit the cam cover. The idea is for a good amount of oil to be at the top end on initial start up.

    Use a good quality filter and 5W/30 semi-synth oil.
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      Hi Taurus thanx for the post iv put the head back already still sounds like a diesel at low rpms


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        How did you know noise was coming from them to start with?


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          You can hear it at the top of the motor if I lift the rpms just abit you can hear it a lot more than at idle. Old lifters did not make so much noise .the head is reconed .new valves rockers lifter but I used the old shims that lay on top of the valve spring


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            And am I correct in saying once the lifters have pumped up and I remove the cam cover the rockers should all be under tention and not be loose that should tell me if the lifters are working correctly or not?


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              Not precisely, they work by hydraulic pressure from the oil supply which is only generated when the engine is running. It's common for them to rattle for a second on startup until they fill up. Get hold of a proper stethoscope and you can track the noise down very accurately. Is it possible one isn't getting a good oil feed?
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                IL do that thanx 4 all the help sorry for the late msg