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Oil light on low revs

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Oil light on low revs

    Oil light comes on about 10 minutes after engine start. Then will stay on unless my revs go above 4k on which the light goes out.

    I've read this could be a pressure issue???

    My oil level is fine but I do have a very small leak coming from the sensor switch (Which I've had thousands of times and replaced but never had this issue) and I've got the part on order.

    What is the issue?

    w reg 1.0l 12v

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    Most of the time it's a fault with the pressure switch so hopefully replacing it will solve the problem. If it doesn't.....

    Oil pressure is often misunderstood and confused with oil flow. The oil pump pumps the oil to make it flow, the pressure comes from resistance within the engine to oil flow - which is why worn bearings will cause low pressure because the oil is able to flow through them too freely. (A bit of a simplification but it's good enough.) The fact that the oil light is coming on once the engine is warm may point to engine wear - check for any odd noises especially from the bottom end.

    It's worth changing the oil and filter with a decent quality 10W/40 semi-synth and a good quality filter.
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      Yipeeeee, someone agrees with me!!!!

      Thanks Taurus.
      The times that I have TRIED to explain to people that a pump creates FLOW, and that it is the resistance to the flow which creates the PRESSURE, but it has always been like banging my head against a wall.