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Replacing engine coolant in 1776 Corsa 1.2 5dr.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Replacing engine coolant in 1776 Corsa 1.2 5dr.


    Replacing engine coolant in my 1996 1.2 5dr Corsa. The hoses that go into the rad are attached RHS middle and top left of rad, coming from left and right top of engine. So I won't get all the coolant out.

    Had a feel about the bottom of the rad, no plug there. Is there a drain plug in the engine block?

    Greatly arec. some help.

    Thanks, Max.

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    No drain plug I'm afraid. Take the rad hoses off and flush through with a hose, that will get as much of the old coolant out as possible.

    Check which type of antifreeze / anticorrosion additive yours had in it - don't mix the red and blue types in the engine. There's nothing wrong with the older blue stuff other than you need to change it more frequently - which is no bad thing. The blue is universal, the red isn't.
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      Hi T.,

      Thanks for info. Like the pic? my livingroom rad [as if!]

      Just thought, u think the hoses will be seized on the rad ports? Should I put something on the ports as a lub?

      Has red antifreeze. will try to bend a heated tube down inside the rad as there is a 50mil port on each side and syphon. Failing that, do a few flushes.

      Ta, Max.


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        The hoses usually stick a bit, but gentle levering with a blunt broad blade (old screwdriver) usually cracks then loose. Clean the stubs before refitting to ensure a good seal.
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          Dont know of any lube to help get them off, but for refitting just wetting them should be enough. Or use a bit of mild liquid soap or washing up liquid.
          Best check them carefully for condition, cracking,bulging,softness,splits etc, especially round the fixing clips or if they have been contaminated by oil. Any doubts and its best to use this opportunity to replace them.

          If its just a matter of renewing the antifreeze because of age and what comes out looks reasonably clean I wouldnt worry too much about syphoning every last drop out. You will probably be changing 90% anyway.

          If you have reason to believe the radiator is bunged up it might be best to remove it for flushing, or even fitting a new one.They are not expensive.
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            Hi T,B,

            Thanks for info. Much apprec.

            Will have a go in due course . . .