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1.2 12 plate - engine management light - garage replace coil pack

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 1.2 12 plate - engine management light - garage replace coil pack

    Hi folks
    drove home from blackpool to Scotland on/tues. using the cruise control most of the way at around 67mph.
    suddenly couldn't get any additional speed for overtaking & EML light ( looks like an engine block) began flashing. didn't lose power just didn't get any more. when I took foot off accelerator & turned cruise control off light stopped flashing.
    pulled over & called garage I use. who said take it easy & bring it in.
    when I started car again it struggled to accelerate & light flashed when doing so. .got home at 60mph & light only flashed when trying to ask for more power.
    garage ran diagnostic says coil pack needs replaced.
    Car was first registered I Feb 12 but was the dealerships drivers cars so wasn't actually used until August 12. I bought the car 9th August 13 . its only done 31,000 miles. is this normal for coils packs to need replaced???
    Its only just 3 years used .
    Ive had other corsa & astra which have gotten to 8-10 years old without coil pack replacements.

    any thoughts?? Am I just unlucky.

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    If it is the coilpack then you're just unlucky - I've done hundreds of thousands of miles in Vauxhalls and never had one fail.

    Hopefully they will fit a replacement and then check if they were right before charging you for it.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -