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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Assistance with engine management light


    Wondering if anyone could assist, I currently drive a 2010 plate corsa sxi.. Yesterday whilst driving home my engine management light started to flash for a few seconds then go off again and whilst this happened the car started to jerk like it was struggling. As soon as the management light went off the car stopped jerking. Anyone have any ideas to what could be causing this problem?

    Could it be the fuel, as at the weekend my car petrol gauge was down to the red line, then i filled it up with supermarket fuel, this problem has never happened before.



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    First thing, supermarket fuel is the same fuel as anywhere else - when a tanker fills up at the refinery it has 7 compartments in it, all get filled with the same petrol. The first two may be for a Shell garage, the next two for Asda, then the final three may be for Esso. The only petrol coming from a different refinery is Murco. The only difference is that each compartment will have different additives in it according to the brand it is sold as.

    Which is not to say you can't get dud petrol, but it's not down to the fact it's supermarket vs branded forecourt.

    You may have sucked muck into the filter if you let it run very low. The best thing is to look at the section on here how to do the pedal test and see what fault codes the ECU has stored. That will give you some clue what's going on. When you get a result if you're not sure what it means post it on here and we'll try to help.

    eg - If you got a bit of water in the fuel then you'd get a fault code for a misfire.
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      Error code


      checked the ecu and it come up with P0301 cylinder 1 misfire, how do I go about sorting this? I was told to check my spark plugs? What spark plugs is it I use for a corsa, tried to use halfords website but it kept crashing.

      Thanks for your assistance.



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        Which engine do you have?

        If you go into any decent motor factors and give them your reg. no. they'll be able to give you the right plugs.

        Check when it was last serviced. Plugs can last a long time on modern engines, but not for ever.
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