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51' GLS 2nd Gear Problem

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  • [All Models] 51' GLS 2nd Gear Problem

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle!!

    I know this has probably been covered 1000 times but .... I'm looking at a spanking 51' GLS with 58000 miles on the clock. All perfect apart from difficulty in engaging 2nd gear. Sometimes it will and alot of the time it won't. I gather this is a common fault. Before I make an offer, what kind of cost Am I looking at to get the problem sorted. Just a ball park figure.

    Cheers :-)

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    Depends if it is the usual gear linkage problem or not. And whether you intend to fix it yourself or will have to pay to have it done. The parts are cheap enough (look on ebay), it's mostly labour if you're paying to have it done - an indie workshop would usually quote you an hour for that job.

    Ask if the transmission oil has been changed, the service schedule doesn't mention it needing doing but it's wise to change the fluid every 50k.
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