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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Cutting out!

    I'm sure this must be a common problem, but as it doesn't show any fault codes I'm a bit stumped. A few weeks ago my wife's Corsa (52 reg 1.4 petrol auto) suddenly cut out. We couldn't get it started so called the AA. He couldn't find the fault but eventually it fired up and was fine for a couple of weeks, then it went again. We had a new crankshaft position sensor fitted, but it still happened. Today I fitted a coolant temperature sensor just in case but won't know until it's been used for a bit.
    One thing that seems odd is the way the cooling fan is going for ages, today it must have been going for 20 mins until I got to her, that's with the ignition off. It surely must be related. Any ideas?



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      The temperature gauge has actually been erratic for a couple of years, but never too hot. The engine itself doesn't seem to overheat either. Unfortunately the "crafty blighters" tend to wait until my wife is on her own meaning I have to rescue her! Interestingly it seems it may be connected to heat in some way. I say that because it does eventually start, generally after about 10 minutes, so I wonder if it's because something has cooled down? I'll see what happens with the new coolant sensor, but it does make you loose confidence in driving it. maybe time for a new car!