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2012 Corsa "chugging"

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2012 Corsa "chugging"

    New to the site. Sorry if this has been asked before.

    Recently my 2012 plate corsa has started to chug the odd time. Becoming more and more regular. When the engine is running every ten secs or so you can hear a slight change to engine noise.

    Any suggestions as to what this is?


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    What's chugging :/


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      If this is happening at idle and when hot then change the coolant temp sensor
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        Chugging. Like it feels the engine is going to cut out.


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          Sorry to sound stupid. Im not very good when it comes to cars. Are you meaning the bit in the water tank? I noticed the other day when i was putting screen wash in that the water tank was a bit low.


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            What engine is it?

            When was it last fully serviced? ie plugs, all filters etc

            The CTS on the chain driven engines is on the water pump. If you are needing to top up the coolant check carefully where it is going. They shouldn't lose any coolant. If they do then you need to know why. An external leak isn't a major issue. But they can leak internally - a favourite place is the seal behind the water pump in the timing cover gasket. Coolant gets into the oil which isn't good news. You'll see oil emulsion (looks like rotten mayonaise) around the oil filler cap if that happens. (A small amount is common on cars used for short journeys, but too much indicates coolant in the oil.) The other possibility is head gasket - don't jump to conclusions, but coolant loss and running problems shouldn't be overlooked. The consequences are potentially expensive.
            1972 Viva restoration thread -