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Really confused ABS light on help???

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Really confused ABS light on help???

    Hello my problem started with my abs light on.
    So checked the sensors visually d/s/f was split so i changed it for a new one.
    Out went the light, i drove off only to find when i came to apply the brakes at the end of our street there was a juddering,jerking feeling from the pedal,like abs is kicking in even at low speed.
    Went back home unplugged the new sensor,car was immediately braking normal again but light on.
    Tried it a few times plugged in no light but juddering when brakes applied, unplugged light on but brakes feel normal.

    Put it on diagnostics sensor unplugged 2 faults 1 telling me no comms with d/s/f speed sensor the other was B2535-04. Plugged sensor in only the B2535-04 showed, also on live date i can see the speed of all 4 wheels 3 are showing correct speed but the d/s/f speed is erratic to say the least.
    I found this information on the internet regarding the B2535-04 code.

    B2535-04 is a Manufacturer Specific Code
    Type: Body
    System: Vehicle Speed Control and Idle Control System

    Read on the forum the corsa D mine is a 07 was subject to a recall regarding the abs module, is this right and do you think it could have anything to do with my problem ?
    I have unplugged the ABS module and plug and pins all look good no corrosion.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated as i cant afford main dealer prices at the moment, the 2 local garages that i have took it too seem to be scratching their heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Call up main dealer and ask if you car was due a re-call


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      Contacted main dealer not due any recalls !!!!!

      Any body pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      Any help or advice,suggestions as to my next move would be more than appreciated.


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        Where did you get the details on B2535-4? It seems to come up as a rear turn light failure when I looked.

        Check the connector on the sensor and also check the ABS ring isn't cracked or dirty.

        It took me a while to figure out what you meant by d/s/f - we usually refer to the side of the car as nearside (n) or offside (o) rather than passenger or driver side.
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          First thanks for your reply, just found the code details on the internet may be wrong i have changed the bearing for a new one am i right in thinking the bearing as a magnet that the sensor reads ? or is the a ring as well on the drive shaft on the corsa D ? mine is a 07 thanks again.


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            Ah - yes - the D - as ever progress makes life harder when it goes wrong. They use a ring in the bearing, make sure it is positioned right and that the circlip doesn't foul on the sensor, there needs to be a bit of a gap.

            But of this problem wasn't present when you replaced the bearing I'd guess it's OK - more likely to be a wiring issue or a bad connection.
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              Will try and examine the wiring for any damage,have checked the plug on the abs module everything seems fine there all pins etc are clean.
              Thanks a lot for that much appreciated at least i now have something else to try, but i think this is looking more like a main dealer problem.


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                The last time I had something like this it was an internal break in the wiring - very hard to find so check as much as you can before sending to a main dealer. Having said that they'd probably just replace that part of the loom anyway if there's nothing else obviously wrong.
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                  Thanks very much for that,regarding main dealer that is what i am trying to avoid can not afford them prices at the moment. Going to give wireing a good look at this weekend hope i can spot something.


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                    I am looking for help with a Corsa C where the ABS light does not come on. It was picked up at the MOT and failed. All the fuses seem to be fine. The car had a recall and local vauxhall dealer replaced the ABS module and cover - still no light. Dashboard has been out to check if bulb gone, but LED .Any advice on this please?


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                      Hi Welcome to the forum.

                      You may do better to start a new thread. This old thread relates to the opposite problem, the ABS light coming on due to a fault.

                      But you mention the bulb is an LED ,so may have been retrofitted. Whoever changed to led may never have been able to get it to work. It may not be the correct bulb , and not all led bulbs are suitable for cars with Can-bus electrics if your car has it .. Or might simply have been fitted incorrectly. Led bulbs are polarity sensitive. It may work if you remove the bulb and fit it the other way round.

                      Was it ever working in your ownership? One unwelcome possibility is an unscrupulous seller may have 'knobbled' the bulb to hide the fact it was constantly on, indicating an abs fault.

                      If all else fails you could try going back to a conventional bulb,at least for testing.
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                        Hi, sorry for posting on the wrong thread. Everything I read points to the light staying on, and not the opposite. When I say that the bulb is an LED, I was really trying to say that it appears to be fitted to the cluster behind a cover, and does not appear to be simple replacement of normal bulb with LED.Only came to notice it when failed Mot due to non illuminated abs warning light. Never checked it before, as no lights when car running so took it as all ok.


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                          The wiring was changed quite a bit on the 'C' , so it might pay to double check the following fuses, as either could be involved: F28 (25Amp); F32 (5Amp) and F50 (40Amp)

                          Are there any other electrical items that are not working?



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                            Ok.I the fuses seem to be ok, but I will recheck. No other electrical issues at all.