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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] No brakes - ideas?

    Ok, so I was in racks car last week, and she complained car had no power when she was driving. We stopped at set of traffic lights and then went to pull away. At this point the car would barely move without flooring the accelerator.
    So we pulled over, jacked up the car. After some messing about, it was clear NSF wheel was seized, and not moving. So got on a bus, went home and picked up my Corsa c's front Calipers. By the time we got back the car had cooled down, and was now freely moving again. At this point it was assumed a sticky caliper piston, so changed both Calipers anyway with new PAds and discs. I then went to local garage to have brakes bled.

    Whilst I was there, they were pumping pedal in front of me, and no fluid was coming out NSF bleed nipple, even after removing it completely. I pointed out that previous owner had changed fronton flexi hose on other side but not this side. I picked up another hose, just incase it had collapsed inside.
    Now just had a call from garage saying they've clamped all 4 brake hoses and still can't get a firm pedal no matter what they try.
    Any ideas? We agreed next step seems to be changing master cylinder, but they don't often go wrong.


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    I assume they've replaced that front hose.

    Next thing I'd do is to try pressure bleeding the system - you're not relying on the master cylinder that way. If you get fluid moving using a pressure kit but not by pumping the pedal then it sounds like a seal has popped in the master cylinder. Unusual on a tandem system for the whole lot to go though so I'd guess it isn't the case.

    If can't get any fluid flow using a pressure bleed system then I'd look at the brake hydraulic modulator.
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      Was hoping you'd reply

      I'm assuming they have changed front hose
      They mentioned pressure bleeding system, so I'm not sure in that case why they're assuming it's the MC.

      What's the brake hydraulic modulator? Are you talking about ABS pump?
      It's worth noting one car has abs the other didn't, but I can't see that being an issue


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        Yup - you can call it the ABS pump - where all the brake lines run into. If the whole system is down that's worth checking.
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          Pretty sure here doesn't have abs.

          Doesn't look like it from this random pic of her engine bay (please ignore tacky blue stuff, was form last owner)



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            Ye gods - someone had a taste malfunction.

            No ABS on that one - so you can ignore looking at that aspect then!

            Back to the MC then.
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                    Just a thought - unusual for both circuits to fail, but remembering you changed both front calipers (ie both circuits) have you looked at the mc to see why it failed? It wasn't when you did the calipers and pushed the seals back was it? Just curious because they don't often fail like that.
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                      I pushed them back when they wasn't on the car, so definitely weird


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                        Just wondering IF the M/C had actually failed, or if there was insufficient clearance on its push rod - If that were the case, it might just account for the brakes coming on on their own in the first place.



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                          No idea, old MC had been chucked by time I collected