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Corsa c 2001 1.0 Error codes and weird engine sound

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa c 2001 1.0 Error codes and weird engine sound

    I've just bought my first car, a corsa 2001 and after 200 KM the engine check light came on. I tested for errors and it gave me:
    0170, 0300, 0301, 0302 and 0303. I have changed the spark plugs (NGK), oil (Castrol 10w40), oil filter and air filter. Also, someone told me that the engine sound isn't "round", whatever that may be. As I said, this is my first car, and I don't have a lot of experience so I've made a video of the engine running. Maybe you can give me some advice. Thank you!

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    It is impossible to tell from a video clip the state of an engine - the sound is never accurate and there's no sense of direction where any odd noises originate.

    All these chain driven engines sound noisy compared to belt driven engines. Yours does sound like the timing chain is rattling, but you really need someone to listen to it 'in the flesh' to confirm that. It may just be the way the microphone picks the noise up that highlights the noise on the clip.

    P0300, P0301/2/3 - all mean a misfire. They could be old codes from a previous problem. If the engine is running OK then it's pretty certain they are old codes which need clearing from the ECU memory. You need diagnostic kit to do that.

    P0170 refers to a fuel trim issue - a bit of a devil to track down to be honest. Often it's down to the air flow meter AFM (also call the mass airflow MAF). Again, it could be an old code.

    So you need to clear the codes and if the light comes back on then check to see which code is current.

    Some additional information about mileage and service history would be helpful.

    Timing chains don't last for ever. If they are noisy they can run for quite a while with no problem, but they can also slip a few teeth which causes the valves to hit the pistons which means a replacement engine. The key thing to avoid if you have a worn chain is savage downshifts, that's when they usually let go. Having said that, the last one I dealt with went on startup and wrecked the engine just on cranking over so check carefully. Best bet is to find someone who knows how to identify noises in engines and ask them to listen to it.
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      I havnt any experience of 3 cylinder engines but I believe they do sound slightly different and even if running correctly might not sound quite 'round' to someone more familiar with the rhythm and balance of a 4 cylinder engine