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Rear Disc Wear / Gouges

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  • [Non Corsa] Rear Disc Wear / Gouges

    I've never had a car with disc brakes on the rear until now so unsure if this is normal or not.

    The original discs on my car when i got it felt really rough with gouges and ripples but was never a problem during braking.
    I fitted new Brembo discs and pads (just oem ones) and a new rear caliper at the same time and all fluid was replaced.
    8 months or so on the new rear brake discs have done the same on both sides.

    Is this because there's only about 20% of the braking force going to the rear wheels?
    Stones in the pads maybe, or just normal?

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    It's not normal and it's got nothing to do with the brake balance. There's a number of possible causes, depends how they look. Uneven wear across the disc could be a fault in the pad and/or the disc. It could be due to some contamination that's got into the pad/disc. If the wear is uneven, ie across one part of the disc only (eg out edge) then it's likely that the calipers aren't pressing the pad evenly. If the pads are sticking in the sliders or the caliper isn't fitted right then the pads can apply pressure on one part of the disc and not on the other. The part that isn't getting the same pressure then corrodes and you get ridges forming.

    A photo of the disc would help. But they ought to wear as evenly as front ones do.
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      Sorry,I am going to disagree slightly with taurus here, although its probably better to take his more expert advice. I didnt think you are saying there is any uneven wear, just some grooving, which is equal on both sides. I would have though some minor deterioration is to be expected over a British winter, especially in Sunny scotland. Discs can pick up surface rust over night. This is very abrasive. Normally hard braking rubs this off before it becomes a problem, but with cars that get little use, or only light braking it can become a problem. Your rear brakes dont get such hard use. Also they can pick up much more road dirt and grit. When they changed my winter tyres this spring here in Bulgaria my nice lady tyre fitter had to pressure wash the road grit from the insides of the rear wheels before they could be balanced .That was just one winters muck as they are changed twice a year.Think what this would do to exposed discs. I would not expect your rear discs to be as perfect as the day they were fitted..It depends how bad they are of course. Maybe this extra rust and grit has indeed caused problems with calipers etc
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