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Hoffman exhaust system?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Hoffman exhaust system?

    Hi all, I'm buying my old corsa back later and someone since me has put an awful powerflow exhaust on it that is just ridiculously loud and looks pretty awful so I'll be binning it and getting something else.

    I saw these Hoffman race tubes and backboxes on ebay and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? what drew me to it is that It's not in your face and looks pretty OEM. Do they sound decent or are they just stupidly loud like the powerflow on it already is?

    Here is a picture of the exhaust system. (Apologies for the quality)

    Click image for larger version

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    Many thanks

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    I'd imagine most exhaust systems that get rid of the center silencer would be pretty loud.
    Get one with a centre box as well if you're wanting it a bit quieter.


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      I had a Hoffman centre section like that but a standard back box and it sounded standard, not till an aftermarket back box fit it sound loud


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        I have a standard centre section with silencer, irmscher back box and an induction cone and it has a burble under load, but is not stupidly loud. About the same volume but the tone has changed.

        Id recomment this if its quietness you are after. The hoffman tube is what im putting on for volume, so i wouldnt go for that for subtle tones..


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          Its not that I'm looking a quiet car, it's just that this powerflow is a straight through. When I had the car it was decatted, had no centre box (it's a 1995 car, originally a 1.2 8v) and a sportex back box. That sort of volume was fine, It was loud but not as loud as this powerflow so was wondering if this hoffman will be similar in terms of volume as the sportex that I had