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Corsa CDTi wont start

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa CDTi wont start

    Need help. I have a corsa cdti 05 plate. Last week it would not start. Engine is cranking but wont fire. RAC not a clue! My mobile machanic got it started with quick start. But no idea really. Took a guess at the fuel pump. It ran for a few days with no issue. Then died again same issue cranking but wont start. another machanic now says AFM? ???? could this cause such a drastic problem. 140000 in the clock and its a money pit ive already spent more than it worth on other repairs and cant afford to replace parts unnecessarily. Please help. Why would it start with qiquick start and then run normally for a few days.

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    Try unplugging afm and see if it starts.

    If not you need to check for fuel and spark.


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      [QUOTE=Vegas;104832]Try unplugging afm and see if it starts.

      Really, is it that simple, would it fire up without it? surely he could have tested this and not just told me to buy a new one!!!! or am I just being blonde?


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        Looked at one few weeks ago, was firing up for maybe half a second then cutting out, unplugged sensor and it ran (in limp mode, but at least knew what to replace)
        It takes a minute to Unplug it's right on top of the engine bay. Might or might not work, it costs nothing and it quick to try so may aswell.

        If not we will next check for fuel and spark


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          CDTi engines are always a money pit - great when they work, horribly expensive when they break. Being a compression engine there's no spark, fuel pumps tend to work or they don't, so it's probably the AFM, crank sensor, the glow plugs are weak or it's down on compression due to engine wear. No way of telling without being able to inspect it.

          The other (obvious) cause is the battery beginning to fail - did the guys who looked at it check the battery voltage on cranking?
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              Stop guessing and do things methodically instead


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                A leak in the fuel lines can allow air in - which will cause similar issues. And they can be random. But as said above, you need to work through issues systematically.

                Whilst I hate these engines to be fair 140k is reasonable mileage to need to replace the chain - they do have a habit of shifting a bit if you don't check, re-check and check again before bolting it all back together. And non-OEM kits can vary hugely. Some of the cheap ones will stretch in the first few minutes of use. So was it a genuine OEM kit or not?
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                  The first thing my mechanic did was check his work on the chain and it had not moved. He did try and start it with out the MAF and ruled that out. He then found that there was diesel on the side of the Pump therefore leaking from somewhere. I'm going to have to trust his instinct and replace the pump and keep my fingers crossed.

                  Rwally need to keep it going till August, collect my first years no claims then part X it, shame because it's a lovely little car, when it works.