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K-Seal... ANybody experienced this stuff?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] K-Seal... ANybody experienced this stuff?

    Hi All,

    As you will see from my other threads, i have recently bought a 1.2SXi with a leaky headgasket.

    Now, i am being quoted more than its worth to fix it.

    If i depressurize the coolant bottle, it starts perfectly and runs like you wouldnt know there was anything wrong.

    I took it to the garage last night which was a 40miles round trip.

    I topped it up full of coolant last night before i left and it did the trip without losing a drip of water, there was very little pressure in the system either. Great i thought!

    It ran like there was nothing wrong over 40 to 50 miles.

    The garage told me that he wouldnt recommend me booking it in as he will need to charge me (plus what i bought it for) more than its worth and gave me some K-seal to try (guaranteed to work or your money back).

    Got the car home, ran fine again, used no water. Drained some water from the bottle and fired in the K-seal with much enthusiasm.

    Well, the car hasnt started since so its lying in the coolant bottle. When its turning over its just not firing and there isnt much pressure building in the bottle from that at all.

    I was going to try and see if my spark plugs were swimming and dry them out if they are. Or try someone elses coil pack on the car just to see if i can get it fired.

    My question (finally). Is the KSeal that is in the bottle completely useless now? As in, will it have separated and not work or once i get the car going will it circulate round, heat up and work as it should?

    Has anyone had any great success with this stuff?

    I would have rathered drop a new engine in or fit a new HG but at the expense it is going to be, its not looking "financially viable" lol.

    Any help, as usual, very much appreciated.

    Opinions on Kseal, what could be wrong with the car, etc.

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    I'm not a fan of the stuff but to be fair I do know people who've used it on an engine that was dead and it's worked well enough for them to get it going again.

    I'm pretty sure you need to add it and then run the engine straight away, so by leaving it in the coolant tank it's probably useless now.

    When you say you topped it up with coolant, then drove 40-50 miles, and it hadn't lost any coolant and the cooling system showed no signs of pressure....did you let it cool down before checking the coolant level as the level in a cold engine and a hot engine aren't comparable, also, a hot engine should have pressure. If there's no pressure then the usual pressure caused by expansion is going somewhere (usually on those it's that seal behind the water pump).
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      I used this to stop a coolant leak from my water pump (couldn't be bothered to take it out again) you are meant to add to a warm engine and run it for 20 minutes if I remember correctly.
      I took mine for a light drive.

      I wouldn't normally recommend it but if you have nothing to loose.

      I'd take out your plugs and see if the cylinders are full of coolant though.


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        My first car was a rover 25 with the k-series engine. a car that is renowned to blow head gaskets for breakfast. I was a member of the relevant forum and many people asked about k-seal I don't remember one person that said it had solved their issue long term. What I do remember was someone called the company that makes k-seal and asked them if it could be used on that engine (yes) and then asked them that if it ruined the engine would they replace the engine free of charge the response was the phone was slammed down.

        if u are loosing coolant/pressure I would get the system pressure tested and at least see where the leak is. if it is hgf I have no idea what the cost is for a corsa but I know for a rover it varied greatly and paid to shop around. If u are mechanically minded the hg can be done with fairly basic tools the only specialist tool(s) u will need is a torque wrench and maybe a valve spring compressor if u want to do the job properly and strip the heads to replace the valve stem seals. both of these can be bought reasonably cheaply from Halfords or other such shops.

        I am sure someone on here will give u a step by step on how to do it.

        hope this helps

        sorry should of said u will need a timing setting tool(s) as well
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