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Engine light, low revs, won't pull.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine light, low revs, won't pull.


    I seem to be having a great time at the minute with the Corsa D. 1.3 CTDI.

    Engine light was on 2 weeks ago for about a day. Then went away.

    Start the car this morning and from cold she was pulling and chugging along. Couldn't pull away at speed and the revs and speed low. When your plant it, nothing, I mean nothing.

    Managed to get the car to ATS (only place open) and diagnostics came back with nothing. (the worst kind of error) The guy mentioned turbo, to the catalytic converter blockage.

    Ive got it home but with work from next week trying to get it fixed will be a nightmare.

    Any suggestions folks.

    Dan B