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2009 Corsa D air con compressor.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2009 Corsa D air con compressor.

    Right Im looking for a bit of help here. I have a Corsa D 1.4 Auto While driving home from work the other day there was a loud clonk and the end cap/pulley fell off the air con compressor & bounced down the road. I have the part & it appears it just screws onto the AC compressor. there is no bolt holding it on. I have screwed it back on & done it up as tight as I can but it unscrewed & fell off again.

    Has anyone else had this problem & how did you fix it???.

    I will try & post a picture of the pulley when I've worked how to do it.

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    Right this is the AC compressor fitted to my car. As you can see there is no bolt in the centre to hold the black end cap/pulley on, just a screw thread inside the inner boss.Click image for larger version

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      Hi. Similar problem! Corsa 1.4 2007

      Checking oil today and see that on the air con pump the pulley is all ok but the cover is missing. This is the end part after the pulley on the outside. It has a large thread, that I assume the cover screws on to? The question is, do I need this extra bit? Will the pulley fall off? Have had the car for a few months and all is ok, assume it has never been on the car?

      does that all make sense?


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        Hi. This is not an expert opinion. I have just looked at the ac compressor on my 2010 D diesel. This has a plastic cover but it doesnt look quite the same as the picture. Mine is secured by rivets. Cannot tell if its also threaded as I dont wish to remove it. The plastic cover has slots in it through which I can see some form of mechanism behind the plastic cover. My guess is this is a clutch ,either centrifugal or electrical that free- wheels the pulley when the aircon is not meant to be on, or the coolant gas is too low (which can happen in time). I think the plastic cover is there to protect the mechanism from dirt. If this is the case I doubt the pulley would just come off.
        But the mechanism may wear a bit quicker if it gets dirty . If it gets so dirty it jams in the 'on' position its possible the compressor will always be driven even when it shouldnt be. This would increase fuel consumption and could be a problem if there is no gas in the system to compress. I dont know. But if the repair means replacing the compressor anyway maybe its not worth doing while everything still works ok.

        My Toyota has a similar mechanism. The compressor freewheels on a clutch while the AC is off and you notice a slight reduction in revs when the AC kicks in.And I had a Clio that with an AC gas leak. The clutch kicked in with gas, but did not when gas was low.
        I have never noticed any change of revs on my corsa when the the aircon kicks in. Maybe the ECU compensates quicker and better. (or the clutch is knackered!)
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          Same thing happened to me, fell off on a roundabout.
          Garage told me it is a counterweight, and to keep it on they have used locktight.


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            Does anyone know what pressure the refrigerant in the AC system should be at. Not in Haynes

            have 2005 Corsa C with a bit of noise - hard to describe - behind dash when ac on


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              I'm not sure of the pressure but they normally have a low pressure switch that cuts off the compressor clutch if pressure is too low. The drive pulley just freewheels same as if the a/c is off. If you are getting some cooling and new noises when its switched on there is enough gas to activate the compressor. Maybe its just a bit noisy. The pressure might be too low for it to run efficiently and I suppose this might cause extra noise. If you have suitable pressure gauges and the fittings to test it would help to know the pressures.I think the high pressure and low pressure valves are different sizes. Otherwise you need to find somewhere trustworthy who wont charge for a re gas if its not needed.
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                I will have to read up more about Air Con

                Yes, I have access to a pressure gauge.

                Having such access, it would be good to know what pressure I am looking for.

                Gauges use a colour code to suggest correct pressuer - blue suggesting sufficient.

                Gauges on ebay suggests that the pressure in the blue region is anywhere between 25 - 45/50 psi but would like to know specifically what it is for the corsa in case of doing damage


                (98 pence from China !!))

                I do not have the car long. The noise has aways been in it as long as I have it so I have no 'baseline' to measure it from.

                However, thanks to the info in your post, I will inspect the clutch assembly as the noise produced certainly could sound like a slipping clutch

                I also note - given the location of the AC compressor on the engine - that oil leaked form the renowned leaky oil pressure switch on the engine head and spilled down onto the comp.

                Maybe there is resulting slippage - have to investigate

                The air is cold but I had expected it to be cooler - but it was 30 deg Celcius here yesterday so hard to judge.

                For info, there is AC sealer which one can buy but it only expands the rubber rings in the system. If a ring is damaged, it will be of no use.

                There is also a cleaner, which should disinfect - seemingly the AC will smell if bacteria growth present (also risk of Legionnaires disease)
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                  Here too some info from stp i on AC including tutorials and locating charge port

                  STP – Air-Con


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                    Make sure the cabin pollen filter has been changed recently. This can make a difference to air con efficiency, increase smells etc. If its not as powerful as you expected then maybe it is due for re gassing.They can lose gas over the years, it may not have been done from new. My 2010 Corsa has to cope with Bulgarian summers which can go over 40c. Its pleasant enough but not exactly ice cold. Not sure if thats as good as it gets or if it needs a re gas.Certainly not as cold as my 2007 yaris which is also in Bulgaria at the moment.That blasts out Ice cold if you want . (I once had its outside temperature gauge reading 49.9c !!) Its never been re gassed, but has only done 30K miles.
                    When I had a leak in the A/c of a clio I looked into all sorts of remedies, seal renovators, even kits that recharged the system with added sealant that worked a bit like rad weld sealing small leaks in the condenser rad and pipework etc. Didnt like the sound of any of them. Not sure you can even buy some of them in the EU due to environmental concerns. Its against eu regs for an a/c engineer to simply top up a system if he knows there is a significant leak.He has to recover the remaining gas into a sealed container before carrying out repairs.


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                      Had a look and a listen again. Understand a bit more about it now

                      Clutch seems ok

                      When in the car the pitch of the noise gets higher - sounds like the refrigerant boiling off - and then goes quiet for a few seconds and starts over.

                      That is what it is supposed to do, I think, but dont think it should be noisy

                      will have to get the pressure checked - I doubt either if it has been looked at since manufacture


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                        That is just what I did. Gave the threads a good clean & a blob of Locktite 270 (red). Its still there, so a fix is a fix.


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                          Pfft...just remove it Saves any future costs :-P
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