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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2 mileages.....

    On the Corsa C, the miles changes between 2 figures, the correct mileage and 'something else'

    example: Mileage shows 49867 with 1.1 (for instance) on the trip.
    It then changes to 21787 with 30.1 on the trip. (Neither of these change with distance).
    Then changes back to my current (49867 at the mo) mileage but with 0.0 on the trip.
    The mileage and trip go up like normal and then it goes back to the 21787 and this goes on and on.
    The proper mileage does go up like it should, but the 21787 doesn't. Also the reset button does nothing. There's also no regularity to it, some times I can drive for 50+ miles before it does it while other times it'll last under half a mile.

    Any ideas what this is? I have reset the INSP indicator, would it be this (not on the road at the moment so can't check)

    Thanks In Advance

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    Hi. welcome
    I know very little about ECU's. The following ideas may be wrong.Sorry if it alarms you. I am only commenting now because I am away for a few days. Others may have more expert knowledge that can put your mind at rest. I think ECU's can remember the mileage of the car, and incorporate security measures to make it more difficult to 'clock' the mileage on the car, or simply 'start again' by fitting a new ecu. Its possible that at some time the ecu was replaced, either with a new one, or a second hand one, due to a fault. The 21K may represent a vestige of the mileage that was originally on your car when the ecu was changed, or a vestige of what was on the used ecu. Or some scumbag reprogrammed the ecu to 'clock' the mileage. Any of these scenarios could mean your 49K is not correct. Its possible the ecu still retains a record of any changes in its memory
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      hi, the true millage should be easy to check from your mot certificate it will have the last 5 years mileages on thereat time of mot if I remember correctly. are you sure its not just two trips. lots of cars now have the odometer reading which is the total miles the car has done and 2 trips. this is so that you can record how many miles you have done between fill ups and record the distance between two points if you so wish with out having to remember what the millage was when you left and deduct it or write it down etc.

      hope this helps
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        Could be the milage since it was last serviced
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          Thanks, I'll take it for a run at some point and see if it 'stops' now the INSP light has been reset