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MOT Advisory - Slight Play in both front drop links

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] MOT Advisory - Slight Play in both front drop links

    Hi Guys,

    MOT passed about 29 Jan and in the last 3 weeks has started pulling a little bit to the left. Tyres are fine.

    Advisory only states one thing:

    "Rec slight play in both front drop links"

    I know I'm in the place to ask, but can anyone tell me if this explains the pulling or what on earth it is?


    Dan B.

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    Shouldn't cause it to pull. The drop links connect the anti-roll bar to the front suspension arms. Depends on model, you don't say which yours is. They usually start a slight rattle on uneven surfaces before they get bad. Slight play won't affect the steering.

    Usual causes, tyre pressures, tracking, brake on one side seized slightly, damage to steering/suspension - hit a kerb or a pothole recently?

    Corsa B models have a tendency to pull slightly to the left which is inherent and very little you can do about it.
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      Thanks Taurus. It's booked in to check the tracking next week. Might gets them to fix both things at once. It's a corsa d 07 club. Good little cdti