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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Eating fuel

    hi all

    i have a corsa b 1999 1.2 sxi petral 52k miles

    was driving down the motorway over took a car in the fast lane pulled back to the middle lane but had no power. so once i had it picked up and brought home i found the timing chain had 2 links of slack in it, ive now bought a timing chain kit replaced it all the car drivers fine but there is a little like noise (tapping) and it is eating fuel like hell.

    so i was woundering can it be because the timing is out a little bit or is as bad i i think the valves might be bent.

    many thanks


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    Was it a genuine OEM kit or a cheap aftermarket version? The cheap ones can literally stretch within a few minutes of first use and it throws the timing out. They often throw a camshaft sensor code if that's the case because the ECU sees the cam sensor and the crank sensor out of sync.

    Tapping doesn't sound good, use a mechanic's stethoscope (or a metal bar) to track down where the noise is coming from. Do a compression test to check for valve damage.

    I assume you've checked for fuel leaks - surprising how easy they can be to overlook.

    They can survive a small amount of slippage on the timing chain, but not much. I think it's about 6 degrees max which is pretty small.
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      thank for the reply

      is there a way to do the compression test with out spending for the equipment ?


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        Not really, unless you know someone you can borrow a tester from. It's not expensive anyway.
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          i have had a compression test and my valves are fine, the timming was out a little bit the car has now stopped eating fuel which is great. but now there is a bad rattle now from the engine but was not there before, i bought a timming kit for the corsa to make sure it was right.


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            Rattle could be anything, especially hard to diagnose I've the Internet, if you upload s video we maybe able to help


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              a friend thinks it might be something to do with the oil presher will be taking to have a oil test tomorrow, if i put a screwdrver on the rocker cover the noise is loud if i do the same on the side of the engine it is quite. will post the oil test results if that dont help i will see about making a video of it.


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                had the oil test done i only have 30 psi presher