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Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 2004 plate Auto, Taking Long to start

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 2004 plate Auto, Taking Long to start

    Hi, I have a vauxhall Corsa 1.4 2004 plate, My car takes very long to start or does not start at all. When i use a jump lead my car starts stright away. I have so far got the o2 sensor changed, Battery changed twice, Crankshaft sensor changed, but still getting the same error.

    The car wants to start but after you keeping trying the battery dies out now. I have checked alternator and it is working properly. I have taken it to 3 different garages.

    So far I have changed the following:

    Lambada o2 Sensor
    Battery twice
    Crankshaft Sensor

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    Hi. Is,or was, the car cranking strongly with the batteries you have tried? Does cranking noticeably improve when using the jump leads? It may be worth checking your battery leads are making good clean connections,all leads, at both ends. Not sure how your car is set up but sometimes the live terminal splits in two with a heavy cable to the starter and a thinner one feeding other ignition stuff. The thinner wire may be making a poor connection at the battery, but gets a good connection when the jump lead is clamped on externally. Or the way you are connecting the jump leads is improving a dodgy earth connection or something. Just an idea.
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      Hi, Battery has been checked and all connections been checked properly.

      The car cranks and it sounds like if it wants to start but doesnt.

      As soon as you put jump leads the car starts straight away with no cranking and no lights on the dashboard.

      When you first turn the key to turn 1, all lights come on and then 3 lights stay on, the engine light, EPS light, Handbrake light. Once the car is turned on all the lights go off.

      I travel up and down and do around 55 miles a day. The car drives perfectly and is smooth. the mileage on the car is 45k. No problems driving.

      Am not good with cars so i took it to my garage the other day and we changed the battery which was a brand new battery for another bigger battery from another car but still the same problem. We then tried the battery i had in my car in a honda civic and it worked fine straight away.

      We then changed the spark plugs. all four changed but still causing the same problem.

      Just to say that last year i changed the exhaust and this problem started around 6 months ago and has got bad as time passed on.


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        I'm out, knowledge wise. But I am still intrigued why it starts instantly with jump leads yet does not with new or bigger batteries, known to be good and cranking well .Maybe its just enough to tip the balance to overcome whatever is the problem.


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          Thanx for your reply, I think it might be the Camshaft sensor or coolant temperature sensor causing the problem. I dont know much about cars's but i will be given them both ago


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            I wouldn't expect the Camshaft or CTS to cause the problem you are having - at least not as you describe it. If they failed using jump leads wouldn't make any difference.

            My thoughts are the same as Bugman's - you seem to have thoroughly checked the battery, and since the same battery will start another car & a replacement battery won't start yours that would seem to rule out the battery / alternator as the cause.

            When using jump leads resolves the problem that seems to point more towards a problem with the connections. I know you say they've been checked, but has anyone checked the internal integrity of the cables? They can corrode internally and cause high resistance. I've had a few cars that garages can't get to start and when I stick a spare earth strap on they fire up straight away.

            The test I'd try is to use a good quality jump lead to make a connection between the battery -ve terminal and a good solid earth. Nothing else, just that, then try it. That way you're checking one thing at a time. Let us know how it goes.

            Also - for the record - when was it last fully serviced (ie all filters, plugs etc.)
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