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Radio not saving settings/stations

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  • [All Models] Radio not saving settings/stations

    I have a corsa 1.2 16v 53 plate.

    I bought the following 2 items from amazon.

    But the cable supplied with the facia kit doesn't fit my radio, But my radio already had a cable provided and does fit, the radio all works etc. But when storing station it doesn't seem to remember.

    When it's on FM i go to my radio station i want and press and hold 1 button to save station, and any other radio settings i change seem to disappear when i turn the car off and take radio front off.

    What could be causing my radio to not save settings and stations.

    And how can i fix it cause it's annoying the life out of me. I've heard something about a 12v cable or something but no idea what this is all about.


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    This is because the red and yellow wires (permanent and ignition live) are reversed on vauxhalls like the Corsa. All you need to do is swap the red and yellow wires over, so red goes to yellow and yellow goes to red. Then everyhting will save when you turn power off to the headunit.
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