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rear exhaust hanger rusted off

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] rear exhaust hanger rusted off

    Hi as title says the rear exhaust hanger has rusted off, does any one know of either a repair kit or a strap that would go around the back box and have the usual peg for a rubber to go onto. The exhaust is in good condition other than this, cheers Martin

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    You can either weld a repair on or fabricate something using wire. I had a front hangar rust off our daughter's Yaris and the exhaust was too rusty to get a good weld onto - so as a bodge to get it through the MOT I welded a bit of threaded rod onto a suitably sized jubilee clip and bent the rod to the right shape. Put the clip round the exhaust and it'll outlive the rest of the system.

    Places like B&Q sell metal repair plates you can probably shape to fit and attach round the silencer with exhaust repair tape.
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      I cant visualise the exact position of your hanger. Could you utilise an ordinary exhaust pipe u bolt clamp? The u bolt going round the exhaust pipe adjacent to the box (you may even be able to use the existing clamp) with a suitably shaped piece of bar or rod attached to the tightening clamp. If using flat bar you may not even need to weld it, just drill two holes to match the bolt holes. Or as Taurus says you could use a jubilee clip. Bend the end of a piece of flat bar at 90 degrees , shape this part to match the curve of your exhaust pipe, then clamp it to the pipe with the jubilee clip. then bend the other end of the bar to match up with the hanger on the car , shaping and curving it to suit the suspender rubber.

      I'm warming to this. another possibility is to use a u bolt clamp and a long piece of mild steel threaded rod of the same diameter. Discard the u bolt but utilise the clamp and tightening nuts. Bend the end of the threaded rod to match the curve of the u bolt but leaving one leg very long.Then bend the long leg to create your hanger. Make sure the tightening nuts are in place before bending the rod.
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