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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Sensitive throttle

    I've got a Corsa c 1.3 cdti and the throttle is extremely sensitive, it sometimes stalls when there is enough revs and if I'm cruising slowly in 2 or 1st gear in traffic and I release my foot from the accelerator my car literally jumps and if I apply some acceleration my car jumps again and it's not a very smooth drive for me and my missus, I've been told it's my throttle body that's caked up with carbon, I'm just wanting to know how many bolts there are and what is the best clearer to use? and what can I use to clean my engine bay and all the plastics and covers but I'm wanting a waterless cleaner to clean the engine bay and plastics and covers? Can anyone help???????

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    Invest in a Haynes manual - if you haven't worked on this engine before it's an invaluable aid and pays for itself first job you do.

    To clean carbon deposits and hardened oily deposits the best product I've found is Quicksilver Powertune - made for boat engines. Buy it from a chandlers or on ebay. Evinrude and Johnson do a similar product.

    To clean plastic covers use a damp soft rag with a bit of weak car wash solution. For greasy deposits use a soft brush and Gunk (you'll need to rinse off afterwards though).
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