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Gearbox, Flywheel and Clutch - 1.3 CDTI

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Gearbox, Flywheel and Clutch - 1.3 CDTI

    Hi All,

    Had a problem at the weekend with my 1.3CDTI making a rattling noise and jumping out of 6th gear whilst driving down the motorway. Had it taken to garage by RAC and now garage is telling me it needs a new gearbox, clutch and flywheel. Been reading up and sounds like the dual mass flywheel is a bit of a problem on these but does this sound likely or are they trying it on?

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    The 6 speed boxes are a bit notorious for weak bearings - and jumping out of gear is a symptom of worn bearings. DMFs are another notorious issue, but without inspection it's not possible to say for sure if yours needs doing or not. If it's done a fair mileage the garage is probably right to replace parts they are going to have to dismantle anyway - why refit a part worn clutch?

    Rattling noises can be cause by DMF failure so put the two symptoms together - rattling and gear pop outs and it doesn't sound too unreasonable.
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