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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] A12XER engine parts ID

    Have replaced head gasket o Limited Edition Corsa.
    I took may photos which have disappeared from my fone.
    3 parts need to be identified ad dealer can't help (so say)
    Parts removed were

    Timing cover - chain etc. renewed. Oil pump left alone.
    Water pump.
    Manifolds including injectors
    Water temp sensor and plastic unit it fits into.
    Oil filter unit.

    1. A light compression spring, 25mm log, 15mm diameter with 2 coils
    2. Thin metal collar with hole through. 15mm long, 20mm diameter. Holes drilled through sides 8mm
    3. Bracket bearing part number 55567975.

    Desperate to get car back on road

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    I'm not sure what you're after - do mean you've finished the job and have those parts left over?

    Photos would really help if that's the case.
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      Nearly finished rebuild, just exhaust, pulleys and engine mount left.
      Parts only just found and don't want to go ay further in case have to strip back.
      They were lying amongst bolts and other identifiable bits in container where
      my son in law put the oil filter, emptying the oil content over them.
      I suspected that they came from the oil filter unit but all the drawings I have seen don't show them.
      The item with a part umber on it is a metal bracket with a rubber sleeve over part of it.

      I have photos but can't post them.
      Can email them


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        Upload photos to a photo host such as photobucket, then copy the links they give into here


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          Not having any luck but can forward to a email address


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            Have a go guys - I can't place them (I've not worked on a Z12XER yet) and I asked a mate who rebuilds these on a daily basis and he couldn't identify them either.

            He called them 'weee parts' - it's the noise they make heading for the bin.
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              I have just googled the part number and it appears to relate to the 'manifold intake with throttle body and fuel injectors' .This was shown for the 1.4 engine but may be included on the 1.2
              If the whole lot was changed as a unit then maybe the new parts were included ready fitted But if it was just removed and the same one refitted this is probably where you need to look.
              Heres a link to the site I looked at. The part number is shown on a drop down oe number tab

              MM-Opelparts 404 Not Found [EN] MM-Opelparts

              Looking closely at the photo on the link I think I can see what looks like the bracket on top. The spring could be from a completely different component. Unfortunately a missing spring can sometimes cause more than its fair share of problems.
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                Many thanks. Next one - any slick tricks on getting room enough to get driver engine mount bolts in (4 lower ones.)
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                  I use one of these with a socket on the drive end and turned with a spanner. It allows you space to put a socket onto the end of the bolts with just enough clearance on the bulkhead.

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