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2002 corsa c heater box help

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2002 corsa c heater box help

    Hi all I have a 2002 corsa c . And the direction nob is stiff . Now if I disconnect the cable from the back there are no bends in the cable if I try to turn the cable manually it is very tight is there any way of loosening it up. here's a pic of where I mean any advice would be great thanks


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    Did you ever resolve this? MikeyDude recently had a similar problem,on the electrical forum.

    If not you could try a squirt of ptfe silicon type lubricant where you have circled. If this improves things the mechanism may need more durable lubricant such as a suitable grease.. If things dont improve the stiffness may be in one of the things that is moved when you turn the control such as flaps levers etc or that blue bowden cable.These may respond to lubrication. If you can disconnect them one at a time it will help diagnose where the problem lies.
    The fact the rod goes in at an angle means it may have some form of bevelled gear at the bottom,which could be mangled.It may only be plastic.
    These are just ideas. I may be wrong. It also assumes things are moved mechanically,not electrically.