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2006 Corsa Twinport SXI - Misfire proble

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  • [All Models] 2006 Corsa Twinport SXI - Misfire proble

    I have a 2006 Corsa Twin Port. Over the last two month the car has started to intermittently misfire initially on 1 cylinder now on two cylinders. When it starts to misfire the engine management warning light appears.
    A full diagnostic check carried out, only fault reported is the cylinder misfire, compression checks also carried out. The coil pack has been changed, injectors swapped over and ultimately the ECU replaced but the car still intermittently misfires.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to what the root cause could be and how to rectify the fault??

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    If you have checked all the usual obvious causes - spark plugs, coil, injectors, and compressions are OK - then I'd check the EGR valve. I've seen this before a few times. The EGR can momentarily stick, this clears when you turn the engine off, but for some reason the code lodges in the ECU and can cause a random misfire code. You don't get an EGR code. The only way I tracked this down first time I saw it was to monitor everything on live data and spot the misfire kick in simultaneously with an EGR glitch. It threw a misfire code but no EGR code. The engine then routinely misfired until the codes were cleared. Once clear it would run fine until the EGR stuck again - then the pattern would repeat.

    One thing you can do is to turn the engine off, disconnect the EGR and see how it drives. You'll get the EML on for the EGR being disconnected but ignore that. So long as the EGR isn't totally stuck it ought to shut off when with the engine off and therefore not activate because it's disconnected. Try it and see if it still misfires.

    It might help to say which engine you have and what the codes are you are getting.
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