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MX5 Clonk coming from front wheels

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  • [Non Corsa] MX5 Clonk coming from front wheels

    When driving hard and turning (admittedly when going in for a drift, or even when just cornering too quickly) the front wheel makes a loud hard clonk noise.
    It definitely don't sound like its supposed to happen.

    Also, I was going up the dual carriageway the other night, doing 50, and didnt notice the traffic lights were red. Hit the brakes hard and ended up halfway over the line and into the box junction (my mind was elsewhere and I never noticed).
    Anyways, when this happened, the front of the car made the same clonk noise but sounded like it came from the middle of the front end.
    Bearing in mind the front of the car dipped down from the harsh braking.

    So I am thinking that its something hitting something else when the car dips to the floor.

    Any ideas on what to check as I cant find anything.

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    I'd check your suspension, sounds like wear in a joint. Jack it up and give everything a thorough test with a stout bar.
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      Pardon the ignorance Taurus - but what is a stout bar?


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        Either a crow bar or a good solid bit of wood. You want something you can lever the suspension components with and that will take some pressure. Hopefully you'll find something with some play in it, usually a ball joint or a bush.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          Just noticed on one side the shock absorber I can see the silver strut sitting inside the spring
          On the other side the strut is fully inserted into the shock and not exposed

          Will check tomorrow in daylight if the strut is jammed in/out


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            Isnt a stout bar any pub that sells guinness or Mackesons ?