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Slight loss of power.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Slight loss of power.

    First of all,
    A big hello from a newbie.
    Had diesels for 25 years, have now moved into a city and have gone to a little petrol car, a 2004 1.2 16v Corsa. Have had for 2 weeks now, when out I find that I can drive around no problem then if I park up come back 10mins then start to drive off the little yellow engine sybol flickers on and off then will stay on and it feels if I am driving around on three cylinders(lack of power). Will get in next day and problems or light will be on from first start up. Have now changed oil (10w/40) and filter(old filter was in bad shape)also air filter, and problem still there. Any help please!! ( I have put corsa B I have no idea what this means?).

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    2004 is a Corsa C. You can check the fault codes using the pedal test - Welcome to Forum - Forums

    Tell us what you find and it will help track down the problem.

    It's also worth checking when it was last serviced - a loss of power and running on three cylinders intermittently could be an old spark plug fouling which is simple to fix. Other possibilities include a faulty injector or a bad coil pack.

    If you get a code for a misfire on a particular cylinder change the plug first, if that doesn't do it swap the injectors round to see if the misfire follows the injector. Inspect the coil pack contacts where it connects with the spark plug - signs of cracking or discolouration suggest moisture will get in there and cause an arc which will make the plug spark weak or not at all.

    From what you say about the filters I'd try a new set of plugs first of all.
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      A big thanks for a fast response Taurus. So a Corsa C it is. Will try the pedal test Wednesday. I.ll be back when found codes. Thanks again for Your time.