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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] auto to manual conversion

    Is it possible to convert a 01 corsa from easytronic to manual?

    These cars fitted with easytronic can be driven as a manual OR an automatic but have no clutch pedal - am I correct?

    Can faults on thee be read with OPCOM?
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    It's a big job, usually people don't bother since it's cheaper and easier just to buy a manual version in the first place. The easytronic can't be driven exactly as a manual, what happens is that you manually operate the gear change, but it is still performed by the auto-transmission. Opcom will read faults on the various electronic control modules on them but the diagnostics for the transmission aren't usually very helpful - eg the infamous issue of it not working when a brake bulb blows.

    You see a lot going cheap with transmission issues because nobody really wants to touch them.
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      Thanks for that.

      Were these made by ZF?

      Are they quite problematic?

      By the way, I saw a one litre corsa B today. On the back was a 'VVT-I' badge - variable valve timing

      I take it that there is no such thing for the 1 litre and this is just a badge someone stuck on it??


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        They do have a bit of a reputation for breaking. They're also very difficult to repair.

        As for the VVT-I badge that's probably someone with no idea what it even means who decided to stick it on!
        No, there's no such thing.


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          Yes, I did indeed think the vvt-i was down to a somewhat exuberant owner.

          Acquired it from a Toyota no doubt

          No 3D camshafts in the Corsa like some Ferraris

          Were the Easytronics continued on later Corsas or were discontinued son after 2001?

          They seem to be an idea that 'falls between two stools'