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1.2 corsa 07 plate not starting

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  • [All Models] 1.2 corsa 07 plate not starting

    hi newbie here

    my daughters corsa wont start try to turn it over battery light goes out nothing headlights are bright but there is a car and spanner symbol flashing a friend said do the 2 pedal fault test i have and got the engine light flashing can anyone tell me what the fault code is as im a bit thick lol

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    The flashing is coded (can't remember what it is but something like 3 flashes then a pause the 6 flashes then pause etc would be 36... Sure someone else will be along to help more but that hopefully may give you an idea. Put the code up but might also be worth googling it to see if there's anything of immediate help


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      Flashing EML means it's an immobiliser issue. Usually the key has been dropped and the chip in it has fallen out or it's been damaged.

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        Can this be repaired


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          Usually it can - first of all try a spare key to see if it's just the key that is damaged. If neither key works it can be more complicated. If the ECU senses a problem with the key security it will trigger the immobiliser - the engine cranks over fine, but the fuel supply is disconnected so it won't fire. You see the EML flashing which is always the main clue to what the problem is.

          If you don't have a spare key then a main dealer can supply one programmed to the car so long as you have the card with the security code on it.

          It is possible to programme a blank key & chip using Opcom - but if you're not sure of what you're doing better to let a dealer do it, it's not cheap though.
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            anyone got a ecu tech2 cleared for my corsa d 1.2 2007