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  • [All Models] Oil in water

    ive been working on my sons 54 plate 1.3cdti. Initially had oil in the header tank but put up with it to put off the inevitable.
    anyway she gave up the ghost and would not start, stripped the engine to find.. Chain guide broken, 16 smashed rockers, cams out of timing and head gasket in poor condition.
    Head skimmed and reassembled the engine (the crank bolt is a gem), started and run for about 5 minutes until I noticed an oil leak (gearbox end) and the header tank seemed to be filling with oil.
    tonight I have stripped off the oil cooler and found it is blocked. Have read elsewhere the cooler can put oil in the water so going down that path but still at a bit of a loss.
    Any suggestions or advice would be great, I would pull my hair out but I ain't got much left!!!

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    If the header tank was filling with oil at a noticeable rate then it's usually the oil cooler that has gone.

    In terms of suggestions I'm afraid my view on the 1.3CDTi is that it's an awful engine and I'd get rid as soon as you can. Fleet users gave up running them due to reliability issues once they get beyond 60k.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -


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      Yes intend to agree. Ok the oil leak seems to be coming from around the thermostat area. Any ideas what is leaking?