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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Looking for advice

    Looking to buy a 02 1.7dti corsa with 150k on it, it has service history and clutch done at 140k, is this too high mileage?

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    Depends on price and otherwise condition really. Could do another 150k, but unless it's cheap and looks well looked after I personally wouldn't bother.


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      As above.

      If it's been well looked after then it should be fine.

      How many owners does it have? Check for knocks or clunks when driving on the steering and suspension.
      The engines are fairly solid if well maintained but sometimes the gearboxes can feel a bit tired at that mileage.

      My Corsa B had 184k on it with a similar engine and mechanically it was fine but the bodywork was poor from the age & mileage.


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        If the engine has been serviced regularly then it ought to be fine. On the assumption that was the first clutch change if it lasted to 140k then it suggests a car that's mainly be used for longer journeys and not been driven like a maniac. So just depends on general condition and price. The C didn't rot as badly as the B so that shouldn't be a problem.
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          The good thing is the car of that year doesn't have a DPF (diesel particle filter) yet, so it would have less expensive-to-replace unreliable crap built into the car. Diesel engines without DPFs last longer, get better mileage, and are often cheaper to service because they don't need DPF-friendly diesel-rated oils (which usually cost considerably more than regular 10w40 or 5w40).


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            Mine has done 170k and the engine is perfect still. Just had problems with the rest of the car, likely because it was lowered to the floor haha. Any questions feel free to ask I know a fair amount about them
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