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2 x Odd problems? 1.7 CDTI HELP!! :(

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2 x Odd problems? 1.7 CDTI HELP!! :(

    I have had my 2004 1.7 CDTI for a few months and have noticed a couple of problems, hoping someone may be able to suggest what may be wrong?
    The first problem we have had is, occasionally - the engine will just completely cut out. It doesn't stall or anything, just cuts out.
    This usually happens when coming to a stop and have clutch depressed and revs drop, does anyone know what could be the cause of this? I've had it in a couple of local garages and nobody has a clue. Diagnostics not bringing up any faults either?

    My second problem has only just started when my local garage changed the steering rack.
    Whenever I put full lock on either way, with the clutch depressed - the clutch pedal actually resists against my foot. I can move the wheel and it stops, move it the other way and it resists more.
    I thought this may be a cable pulling or something however the garage said it's hydraulic and they don't know why it's happening.

    Hopefully some of you may have had similar problems or have some idea why this is happening? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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    Re. the cutting out - there are many things that can cause this, so first of all we need to know the car's service history. When did it last have a full service, including all filters etc?

    The clutch/steering issue - just thinking aloud really - since the steering is electric and the vacuum pump for the 1.7 diesel is on the alternator, I'm wondering whether as the steering takes up electrical load it's affecting the vacuum pump on the alternator which may affect the hydraulic pressure you feel through the clutch pedal. It's the only connection I can think of between the two systems off the top of my head.
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