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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] non starting at wits end

    hi all please someone help me I have a 2002 Vauxhall corsa c it turns over but not starting okay list of things I have done-
    changed all sensors
    checked connections on dials
    checked all fuses ,relays
    checked spark
    replaced ecu
    checked fuel pump
    in fact done everything I can find on forums there are no fault codes immobiliser light going out
    I tried old ecu chip in currant set up starts and then dies immobiliser cutting in
    but with proper chip just turns over yes there's spark and plugs are wet

    any help would be appreciated I am now at my wits end

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    when did all this happen or start did you replace engine or anything
    sounds like you current ecu isnt great

    first of all you need ecu/transponder goes around igniton barrel/and chip for the ecu all these must match you cant use ecu from one car and chip from another

    did you change clocks i dunno if this applies to the corsa c. But i had a similar issue with a mk4 golf when i lost my key replaced ecu and chip in key car still wouldnt start untill i fitted the clocks from car i got ecu and chip from

    sounds like your chip the one your trying to use isnt working or isnt a match for your ecu as it will start but die on old chip


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      Sounds like your chip in the key is not getting read
      If you have another chip for that ecu try that or it could be a faulty ecu you got not 100% on the clocks being coded to the ecu I know on the Ford Focus and some of the later golfs they are coded to the cars ecu
      What happens on the old ecu


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        If the plugs are wet then the immobiliser isn't the problem. The key chip is being recognized and the ECU is allowing the fuel pump to activate. If they were dry then that's another story, but wet plugs shows fuel delivery is happening.

        From what you say you've done the thing I'd check is the timing. You don't say which engine you have, the 1.0 and 1.2 in 2002 were chain driven cams, the rest were belts. If the timing has slipped you'll get the problems you're experiencing.
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          You are right Taurus
          It's the route I would now go down I was not thinking miss read the wet plug bit lol
          If the timing is out the cam sensor will trigger at the wrong point