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Corsa B? strange fault

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  • [All Models] Corsa B? strange fault

    I wonder if any of you guys may have an answer to a really strange fault that my better half's 2001 1.4 Corsa (B?) has had lurking for a while now.
    The wife very rarely drives far or fast, fast being more than 40MPH and this fault does not seem to occur then.

    BUT when I drive it on a longer journey and at higher speeds, around 50 - 60MPH (all within the legal limit I hasten to add!!) the problem occurs.
    It begins once the car is fully warmed up and travelling at about 50 - 60 MPH when you can feel the engine begin to hesitate and jerk. If when this has occurred there is a need to stop at a junction the car will stall and will not restart without difficulty. It is almost like the engine is overfuelling as it coughs and splutters and after some persuasion will then run. After this has happened the fault most times seems to clear and the car then runs OK. Sometimes it will continue to cough and splutter for a while but eventually clears itself. No codes are stored (I have a code reader) and no lit EML although the last time this happened there was a flashing EML (only ever happened the once) that cleared when the ignition was switched off and then back on.

    Any ideas would be most welcome. Could it be a temp sensor, EGR prob etc etc

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    from the year you describe its a corsa c not a b and a 1.4 i thought these only came as 1.0/1.2/1.3 diesel and 1.7 diesel and 1.8 sri
    have you the reg handy as im unsure of what car you have exactley i can check the reg and get the full details of car

    i would first start checking throttle body/egr valve if its clogging up/crank sensor/cts sensor/coilpack/ the usual stuff

    when was it last serviced it would have been handy to have code reader in car when it does flash up the eml it could save you time and money trying to find out whats after happeneing
    or if you could get it plugged in and read for historic codes and pending faults


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      Corsa B? strange fault

      As above sounds like a Corsa c as 2000 was the change unless it's a late one as I have seen a vec b on a x reg
      To me it sounds like a sensor
      Coolant temp or cam sensor or coil pack


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        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          Thanks guys for the replies. Sorry about the confusion over whether a Corsa B or C. From your replies it must be a Corsa C. Its reg is Y959HDY and took delivery in April 2001. Deffo a 1.4 engine with cambelt change every 4 years or 40000 miles!!

          There are definitely no codes stored or pending that show up on my code reader or with the pedal test. I will take the code reader with me the next time we go out on a longer journey and I'm driving, but I reiterate that except for once when the EML flashed off and on, no EML warnings occur when the fault happens and then clears.

          The car is serviced regularly by the main dealer on a service plan so I would expect that things like fuel filter and plugs are changed when they are due, but I will now check both of these along with the coil pack to make sure. From what you have said I think I will change the CTS in any case as this may be the cause and if its not its not a great loss.

          Update:- have now changed CTS and have checked plugs and coilpack which both seem OK. Will await results
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