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Pulling issue after RAISING suspension

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Pulling issue after RAISING suspension

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, and I can't find a definitive answer other than to get the tracking fixed...

    Few days ago I decided to put my car back to standard, and that included putting the original springs back in. I don't recommend doing it in the dark btw! Had to take the damn thing out 3 times because I'd forgotten something!

    So I take the wheels off, etc. and undo the suspension bolts at the top to see if maybe I've tightened the bolts too tight. Is that possible btw? I'm guessing it is, here's a short video... lol

    Would I be correct in thinking the bolts were too tight? I fixed that problem by slackening them, but obviously not too slack. But whilst I was doing that I checked the opposite side to see if I had put something back wrong. It all looked identical.

    So once I put it back and test drove it, the damn thing starts pulling to the right this time! Only slight though...

    Tracking? Or something more...?

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    Doesn't seem to be put together properly if when you tighten it, it doesn't move.
    Top mounts are gone as well


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      Do you mean gone, as in fecked?

      Also, if done properly do you mean they should not move if I turn the wheel?


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        That's right the top mounts should be tightened right up and still move, no problem.
        The rubber bit is chewed to bits as well and needs replaced.


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          Thankyou, guess I'll have to take the damn things out again in the morning!


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            Originally posted by Steve View Post
            Thankyou, guess I'll have to take the damn things out again in the morning!

            Actually have a diagram here of the layout, but for some reason the site won't let me copy and paste the link in