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Corsa 1.0 energy twinport 2004 help

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  • [All Models] Corsa 1.0 energy twinport 2004 help

    If i can get some advice that would be great a i know nothing about cars. On driving the car slow speed 1st gear low revs there is a noise you get that is like the sound of the baffles going on an exhaust but it is not the exhaust it is coming from the engine .What is this ? What is wrong with the car or should it make this noise ?

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    Can you describe the sound a bit better?


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      Have a look under the bonnet and all over to see if there is anything obvious that is loose.

      Does the noise go at faster speeds?


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        Hi , no it seems to be noticeable at low speed on rev and it clears when i rev down more. The noise is like a vibrating rattle i guess almost like the noise an exhaust makes when the baffles have broke. I was told it was something to do with the 3 cylinder thing but i don't know ,


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          did you look for anything loose?

          So does it make this noise when the car is stationary or only when moving slowly?

          Did you have it serviced recently?

          Did you check the oil level?

          timing chain?

          Any warning lights turned on on the dash?


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            check the exhaust system and all the heat sheild's they tend to rattle if there loose also check exhaust clearance under car and the joint across rear axle they tend to be close to either axle or body even pop the bonnet while engine is running and play with the throttle see if you can see where rattle is coming from or better yet stick a video up if you can

            the 3 pots are noisy very rattly thats there nature there not very well balanced the engines


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              Thank you , i actually bought the car today , I'm a girl and i was stupid and never took for a test drive, the guy was so nice and i just trusted him, as soon as i drove around 100 feet i stopped and approached guy on the noise. He states nothing wrong and its the cylinders but i am not sure. The car is still at his garage as i refused to take it as in my view that is saying its OK and i don't think it is. I am going back monday to try and resolve as he is turned from a very nice guy into a not so much nice guy anymore now he has my money ! I know i have statutory rights but i just wanna find out the issue or if they actually do sound like that. I expect i will be bringing it home Monday and i will post a video with the noise then . Maybe i am going crazy though does anyone know of a video of what the cylinders should sound like for me to watch ?


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                When you say the car is at his garage does that mean he's a dealer? If so you've got consumer protection rights. You still have rights in a private sale but they are harder to enforce.

                It would help to know the mileage of the car and its service history.

                If the noise is only at low revs it could simply be the vibration inherent in 3 cylinder engines, and maybe a loose heat shield. If the noise frequency increases with engine speed then it's more likely to be something like the timing chain.
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                  Sounds like he is a chancer.

                  Is the car now in your name at least?

                  It could be the timing chain as they tend to make noise but not just in first gear as you say.

                  t might be just something loose underneath.

                  Here is one that sounds good

                  VAUXHALL CORSA C 03-06 1.0l 12V TWINPORT PETROL ENGINE (Z10XEP) - YouTube


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                    you should always take somone along that knows about cars even if there mechanic skills are basic there helpfull to have

                    you may well have to bite the bullet and brong the car with you when you go back. Is it a reputable garage or a back street mechanic as such bring somone with you a mechanic friend when you go back if you go back there with somone who knows about cars he will feel threatened as somone knows about cars and will be caught out

                    his attitude has changed due to cash been handed over in his eyes the car is yours and your problem here's a video of what they sound like running they dont sound great but its how they run

                    skip to 21 seconds into video as chain was replaced so sounds as it should


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                      what happened?