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Models of Bosch Air Flow Meters

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Models of Bosch Air Flow Meters

    I take it that even though they LOOK the same physically, that certain Bosch AFM are not interchangeable?

    I have the chance of buying a brand new one for small money

    However, its part no (GM) is 93171356 (alternatives 90543463, 90530767, 8 36 592, Bosch no 0 281 002 180, Astra 2.0 Litre DTI)

    The GM part no for the 1.0 litre corsa is 90543282 (Alternative 90529673. Bosch no 0280217123 )

    I take it tha the flow rate is electronically calibrated differently or such like?

    Or is it possible that the AFM characteristics for the 2.0 litre will 'envelope' those of the 1.0 litre sensor and thus work?
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    This is a pure guess, but I would think that, although it might look the same, an AFM for a diesel engine would NOT be the same as for your 1.0 l Corsa.



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      Yes, that is probably the case but I would like to find out for sure even if only as an academic exercise and for future reference.

      The Bosch part numbers are moulded on the outside of the Air Mass Meter (AMM) housing.

      I am waiting in the product data sheet from Bosch for the Bosch no 0 281 002 180 (diesel Vectra 2.0 et al.)

      I have the product data sheet for the
      AMM (Bosch no 0 280 217 123), which is fitted in the 1.0 litre Corsa B et al.

      I will then compare the two.

      **If anyone is interested, perhaps I can put up the dat sheet of the 1.0 litre AMM as a sticky here somewhere?**

      I also obtained a handy cross reference catalouge from Bosch (in pdf format) for ALL sensors (not just AMM), which states the Bosch part numbers, the vehicles in which the sensors are used and cross references to vehicle manufacturer part numbers (e.g the GM number in the case od Opel/Vauxhall)

      I could put this up too.

      I ended up in an argument with the guy I was buying it off.

      I think he was attempting to palm off a Vectra AMM as suiting the corsa B, which it does not - at least not until I see the product data sheets. If I am wrong, so what? Better to be sure.

      His argument focused on his claims that the wiring connector fits the corsa B and that he (quote) had no 'comeback' from AMM fitted to any corsas.

      I am quite unsure why he was selling a new AMM for small money and how he had apparently sold so many diesel ones to be fitted in corsas in the past.

      He did not seem to want to accept my argument that although physically similar and even though the wiring connector may be the same that does not meant that part suits.

      I make the distinction between SUITS and FITS.

      It may ver well be be that it fits but it may not suit, whereby I could not get the diameter of the AMM housing either so IT may not even fit the hoses on the Corsa

      In addition, as we all well know, the sensor assembly can be removed form the housing, so one does not know what a seller has doen in terms of mixing sensors with housings.

      There are numbers on the sensor assemblies themselvs but sadly these are not referenced in the aforementioned Bosch catalouge.

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