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Corsa C won't start first attempt, but will second

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C won't start first attempt, but will second

    CAR: FAULT:RECENT FAULTS: Couple of weeks ago: th when I was in 2ndSPARK PLUGS: Changed spark plugs, look fouled (see picture).

    ImageShack - {eyUesw8Hj" target=&quot;_blank&quot; rel=&quot;nofollow&quot;></a>"] [/URL]ImageShack - 20141118_223928.jpg

    OIL: ImageShack - {exMcrkDvj" target=&quot;_blank&quot; rel=&quot;nofollow&quot;></a>"] [/URL]ImageShack - 20141118_224149.jpg

    EXHAUST WATER: While changing the oil and plugs I noticed quite a bit of water in the exhaust, seems to be okay now but it was parked on a slope at the time (front end up) to keep it out of the rain.

    ALTERNATOR/BATTERY: Tested Alternator/battery. 12+V engine off, around 14V engine on. Seem fine.

    TIMING BELT: FUEL PUMP PRIME: Read somewhere it could be to do with the fuel system and to try priming the pump before starting her up. Turned the key one clicked a few times this morning and she started first time, but after abit of a struggle (couple of seconds) going to try again tonight.

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    There's a problem with cheap aftermarket filters in that they collapse and can break up - if bits get into an oilway you'll get oil starvation of big problems. That filter is exaclty what happens and why there engines need frequent oil changes using genuine filters.

    Disconnecting the battery won't clear the ECU, that only works on the previous model (8v engines), you'll need a code reader.

    I'd check all basic service items, including the fuel filter, then check that when you turn the key to ignition but before cranking the engine that there is fuel pressure in the injector rail - use the valve on it carefully as fuel ought to spray out. If fuel is present under pressure then check the ignition:

    The fact that it has started needing extra time to start coinciding with colder weather could point to ignition issues - damp in the connections or plugs - so spray with WD40. Also check the battery voltage first thing in the morning - ie when it is stone cold. A weak battery can hide the voltage drop once the engine has been run and warmed up.

    Check also the grade of oil used - make sure it's a 5W/30 semi-synth. 10W/40 is OK in them as well. The wrong oil can cause slow cranking which makes starting harder.
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      Pretty sure that there isn't a radio code on your model - The theft deterrent is in the fact that the radio won't work in any other car - I just hope that potential thieves know that!