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Vauxhall Corsa sxi 61 plate wheels skid spin when reversing out and pulling away.

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  • [All Models] Vauxhall Corsa sxi 61 plate wheels skid spin when reversing out and pulling away.

    Had the above car since june, around about august the car wheels started to skid (spin) when I reverse and also when I pull away in 1st gear, it just seems to do this when I start the car early in the morning or if the car has been parked up for most of the day or night. once I drive about it doesn't do it. I had it back to the dealer the other day and they said it was some spring coil which they changed, but next day the car still had the problem.
    I s there anyone any idea what is causing this.

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    I'm not sure why a vauxhall garage would suggest a spring has anything to with spinning tyres...

    Tyres spin for one reason, they lose traction. No grip = spin.

    The reason it happens in the mornings and when you've left the car for a while is because the tyres will be stone cold. The rubber is less supple at lower temperatures. Take the freezing chweing gum method of getting it out of fabrics etc.. When its at room temp/warm its sticky and moveable. Freeze it and its rock solid and not cticky at all. Same for tyres, a hot tyre will have many times more grip than a cold one.

    As for it happening in reverse and first. Those are the gears with the lowest ratios, so good for torque, but not really for speed. The increased torque in lower gears makes it easier to spin the tyres.

    To address why its only started happenign after a period of time, tyres wear. Less tread means less grip overall, regardless of cold or hot.

    Solution? Stop planting the loud pedal in first and reverse, or buy new tyres (although I'm willing to guess that theres nothing wrong with your tyres now)
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      Could not have answered better myself.In my opinion it is all down to clutch/throttle control,plus road and weather conditions.Or change the big boots for trainers. lol.


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        Unless a road spring had broken, and we all know Vauxhall springs are made of recycled tin cans. If one breaks that wheel won't be held to the ground the same as the others, hence it could break traction. If they replaced one then they should have replaced the one on the opposite side as well.

        Just a thought - it may be nothing more than being a bit heavy footed with it, but check all four road springs and see if they've changed one side or if they did the pair.
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