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Little rattle coming through

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Little rattle coming through

    Hello everyone!

    Ive got a little baby corsa C 3 pot, only done 68k however its starting to develop a little bit of a rattle in the engine, im putting this down to the timing chain tensioners?

    I have to do a big old drive in 2 weeks, Scarborough to Luton! The rattle doesnt seem too bad you have to listen to it to notice it.

    Chances are the car will be ok for the drive? or is it a desperate repair that must be done asap?

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    If it is the timing chain then chances are it will be fine. I've seen (& heard!) them sound like a bags of spanners in a washing machine - and they still run for ages. Some timing chains you get one rattle then it's bang - and a dead engine, but the Suzuki derived chain engines don't seem to suffer like that. What does make them let go is the modern way of dropping down gears from 5th to 2nd and causing the engine to rev under reverse loading. They slip a tooth and then let go.

    Get yourself a big screwdriver, or a long metal bar, put one end to your ear and the other end to the timing cover - it'll let you listen to the internals and you can track the rattle down easily.

    But if it's as slight as you're describing it'll be fine to drive for your journey.
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      Its not often im slamming down the gears, I drive alot nicer now I have a girlfriend and I'm paying for any repairs myself (seriously missing the bank of dad since moving out!)
      That sounds great then, its something I want to get done as its a little annoying but if its not a major job that can wait till my christmas bonus!