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Noisy tappets ?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Noisy tappets ?

    Corsa is making a ticking noise, it's not coming from the chain area (it was heard recently and is quiet) from from rocker cover/injector area. The injectors do tick anyway but much louder than normal, is it worth chucking some cleaner in.

    Other thoughts are the tappets, they're hydraulic on these engines but can obviously still clog limitng oil squirting out of them, any of you tried a cleaner to flush them out?

    If can't be flushed out can the tappets be changed without removing sprockets, and chain?

    1.2 Corsa c

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    Worth trying a couple of oil changes but whatever you do don't use engine flushes.

    I would use a cheap oil take it for a good 1 hour run, getting it up to full running temp then drain the oil. From that you can tell the condition of the oil if it is contaminated then would redo the oil change again if it clean then post back.

    Some say that the oil will come out the same as when it was put in on such a short oil change but this isn't always the case. The injectors on evy were very noisy which sounded very much like tappets and thats why I changed them.


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      This isn't on EVY mate, but thanks for advice. I know these cleaners supposedly dislodge crap which can block stuff, but the positive comments on it far outweigh the negative ones overall.

      Hour long journey isn't really
      Possible without messing around adding to insurance at moment it's off road


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        To start with your last question - you need to remove the camshafts to remove the tappets so that means the sprockets have to come off.

        Have you tried tracking down the noise with a metal bar / screwdriver / stethoscope? Sometimes injectors can get noisier than usual so it's worth checking.

        If it is tappets then a couple of short interval oil changes can help. Are they noisy from cold or just when hot? Poor oil can cause noise to increase when hot. A poor filter can cause more noise when cold.

        I've heard of people using Wynne's hydraulic valve lifter cleaner with good results - and I read somewhere that it's made of the same chemical base as Redex - which is why it's meant to be good at dissolving gummed up parts. It's not a flush and there's no guarantee, but it's unlikely to do any harm so might be worth trying, but only if the oil is decent to begin with.

        edit - I found the article re. Redex being put into the oil to clear sticking valves, it was an old trick on some OHV engines before the days of hydraulic lifters. Redex is a naphtha so will happily mix with engine oil. The Wynn's stuff may be the same chemical base ?
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          I heard similiar about exactly same product actually, so may see if hakfords stock it.

          Not sure on oil used, however it looks pretty damn clean. Definitely noisier when warm though.


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            Just out some in.

            Let it idle for around half hour or so and moved it about a bit. Didn't seem to make a difference at all really


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              I'd leave it in for a few hundred miles, then drop the oil and replace with good quality semi-synth 10W/40.

              Check where exactly the noise is coming from to make sure it is the lifters.
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                I know it's not Evy mate I was referring to when she did it and what I did to fix it


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                  Like the above, I wouldn't use flushing oil on my worst enemy.
                  Wynn's products are reliable and tend to 'do what it says on the tin'.
                  But even if Wynn's DO make flushing oil, I still wouldn't use it!