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2011 1.2 corsa starving?

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  • [All Models] 2011 1.2 corsa starving?

    Hi all,

    just joined as i'm a bit lost on this problem...

    i have a 61 plate 1.2 corsa and it feels like its getting starved of fuel, revs dropping and stuttering when pulling away from still, also can feel it stuttering when ticking over.... (had this problem with a vectra diesel) rang a garage and they said the fuel filter is inside the fuel tank??? as i was going to have this changed as it cured the vectra issue.

    can anyone help?


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    forgot to add, the emmisions light is constantly on.....


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      If the emissions light is on I wouldn't think it's the fuel filter. That's a feedback system so it will activate by anything that throws the exhaust gases out of parameter. Could be anything from an exhaust leak, air leak in the intake, MAP issue, blocked air filter, old plugs, or even just the O2 sensor itself - so check all basic service items, check for fault codes.

      Does it run OK once it's picked up speed?
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        Thanks Taurus, I'll check the items you mention, it struggles when i'm driving, regardless of speed or gear, I'll get the codes read also.